Certainty In A Very Uncertain World


Certainty in a very uncertain world describes exactly how David Brock’s family blasted their way through kidnapping and attempted murder, the temporary death of a daughter, David’s eight heart attacks, threatened bankruptcy and gross medical negligence. 

Giving all of the glory to God, the book will show you exactly how to prove that life’s threats needn’t become life’s tragedies.

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Certainty in a Very Uncertain World

About the book

This book is an infallible blueprint for dealing with and overcoming any of life’s difficulties. Infallible, yes. It’s contents have been repeatedly put to the test in what would normally be considered insurmountable obstacles that the Brock family faced. 

These obstacles included kidnapping and attempted murder, gross medical malpractice, David’s eight heart attacks, the threat of bankruptcy (sidestepped in the most extraordinary way) and the temporary death of their youngest daughter from a drug overdose. It has almost been a case of you name it and they’ve faced it and overcome it, without lingering consequences or damage. What you are about to read, if acted on, will make you ‘bullet proof’.

The Brock family is proof positive that life’s difficulties need not become life’s tragedies.

This book contains nothing but verifiable facts, witnessed by very credible people. Therefore, there are no opinions expressed.

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“David has lived a remarkable life. The book was fascinating, inspiring and definitely memorable. The seemingly unbelievable becomes believable. I’m ready for a miracle.”

Cath Eyers
Cath EyersChristian Radio Host 94.9fm

“What a story and what a life. Well done on producing a very readable book which points readers to Christ.”

John Pennicook
John PennicookFounder of Hope UC Church

“The hero of this book is God. The book reads like an intimate conversation with a man who has seen and heard God and who desires more than anything that others might enjoy that intimacy with their creator, their father and their saviour.”

Michelle Cairelli
Michelle CairelliChristian College Principal


David Brock is a dedicated husband, father and grandfather. Married to Janet for forty-five years, they have three daughters and six grandchildren. His career includes thirty-five years in the IT industry in sales and general management in Australia and North America. They live on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. David invites you to read the first chapter for FREE and decide whether his story merits the investment of your valuable time to read the entire book. He strongly believes you will.